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In 2011, after ten years of working in sales, marketing and strategy for three of the largest homegrown Jamaican companies, a conversation with my mother changed my life.

For much of my life, my mother ran several small businesses. She had no formal business training, but her tenacity and propensity for hard work made up for it. Her businesses sent four children to school and gave us all a roof over our heads. Her hard work laid the foundation for my being able to attend the University of the West Indies, ultimately completing my undergraduate degree in Political Science and Economics. Her emphasis on education made me employable, which led to me being able to work for great Jamaican companies — giving them sound advice and direction on the best way to attract new customers and tell their stories.

My light bulb moment came during a conversation with my mother where I realized that her businesses did not grow beyond a certain level because she didn’t benefit from the type of expertise that I had. This too would be the case for any other business similar to hers. My mother had worked all her life, but was still too small for traditional marketing agencies or business consultancies to target. She also didn’t naturally think to look at working with a consultant on her business, because in her mind, her business just wasn’t big enough for them to want to help.

This conversation laid the mental seed for Point Global Marketing to be born. It took me a year of writing and rewriting my business plan, figuring out my business model and designing an approach to help emerging businesses.

In 2012 Point Global Marketing was launched. Today, we are a Pan-Caribbean integrated marketing agency with roots deep in Jamaican and the Caribbean landscape with a global outlook. POINT offers a suite of Marketing and Branding services to emerging regional and international businesses. We are content creators, early adopters, disruptors, storytellers and strategists, rebelling against the traditions of the mundane marketing and advertising industry. We are creative, nimble, affordable and tech-driven. We are music lovers and dancers and we dance the most when we reach a notable milestone for our clients, which means we dance a lot. We are inspired people and we love inspiring others as well. We admire greatness and we are inspired by it daily. Most of all, we are humble servants. Our approach is to effectively deliver global expertise, while remaining nimble, agile and relevant to emerging brands and businesses.

Point Global Marketing is an integrated marketing agency and business consultancy serving emerging brands and companies using three key principles – Think. Create. Integrate.

Javette Nixon
– Founder, President & CEO

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